Greetings Tecton Study participant!

Thank you for enrolling in this study. Your participation will be of great benefit to others.

Before the first blood draw on March 9th or 11th, please follow the instructions (provided separately) to order your tests and print your lab order form. YOU MUST BRING YOUR PRINTED ORDER FORM TO THE BLOOD DRAW. During this process, you will also grant permission for your data to be released to the Study’s Principal Scientists. You will not need to return to this site to order the second set of tests for the end of the study, but you will need to return here if you wish to see your results from these tests.

Note that the WellnessFX system will mention Quest Labs several times and will prompt you to find a location and schedule an appointment. IT IS IMPORTANT THAT YOU NOT DO THIS. Instead, you will have your blood drawn at the Wildwood Community Center on your scheduled days.

If you have any questions about the WellnessFX process, contact Christine Keating at or 415-412-3030. For questions about the study, contact Sheena Smith at