Powerful and Convenient Tools

WellnessFX now offers a Wellness and Patient Engagement Platform for Health-Care Practitioners in the Thorne Network

Access to Advanced Diagnostic Tests

We give you the ability to provide your patients with access to a wide range of blood diagnostic tests, including high-end cardiovascular, hormone, thyroid and athletic performance tests. Find the package that fits your patient's needs.
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Competitive Pricing

Get access to the favorable fixed pricing that WellnessFX has secured with Quest Diagnostics.
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Reduce Paperwork with our Patient-Friendly Platform

Your patients can view and print their lab results, track changes over time, and review your personalized recommendations through our HIPAA-compliant dashboard, affording you more time to provide patient care and less time spent on administration, claims and paperwork.

Private And Secure Messaging

Follow-up and communicate with your patients throughout the year using our HIPAA-compliant secure messaging feature.

More Personalized Supplement Recommendations

We present your patients' diagnostic data in an easy-to-view format that tracks over time. Use this data to give personalized lifestyle and supplement recommendations to your patients directly in their account.

Work Remotely While Still Providing Personalized Care to Your Patients

  • Patient care from Hawaii? No problem.
  • Reduce overhead costs and gain flexibility in your schedule
  • Convenient, remote business model for an expanded patient base
  • Access patient labs anytime, anywhere through our user-friendly online platform
  • Provide an on-going continuity of care

How it works

  1. Create a WellnessFX account
  2. Invite your patients to purchase a specific WellnessFX diagnostic package through our online invitation system
  3. After purchasing the recommended WellnessFX diagnostic package, patients will get their blood drawn at a local Quest Diagnostics lab
  4. We'll notify you by email when your patient's lab results are ready to view
  5. Access patient lab results, add recommendations, and securely message your patients to provide personalized, collaborative healthcare


  • How much does it cost to sign up?

    It's free for Thorne practitioners to create and use a WellnessFX account.

  • How much do the blood tests cost for my patients?

    Prices are dependent on the state in which the customer lives, as well as the comprehensiveness of biometrics included.
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  • How does my patient get the blood test?

    After purchasing a package, your patient will visit a local lab testing facility at a time that is convenient for him/her. We'll notify you by email when your patient's lab results are available to view.

  • * All laboratory tests are ordered and released by a physician.
  • * Provider is responsible for billing patients for services that provider renders.