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How WellnessFX Can Help

WellnessFX fits a variety of needs – for everyone from the super athletic looking to optimize their performance to those simply looking to get better feedback about their current health and lifestyle choices. That's why each WellnessFX package has been designed with your unique health goals in mind.

Health Goals

If you want to...

Optimize Athletic Performance

Identify Health Risks You Can't Feel

Improve Energy, Sleep, and Weight Loss

Manage Your Health More Conveniently

Stay On Top Of Your Life

Designed for Your Busy Life

In-depth + easy to understand

Deep insights about your health are automatically uploaded to a user-friendly, color-coded dashboard. Easily understand where you're doing great and what can be improved.

Informed decisions start with being informed

You can only change what you can see. WellnessFX helps you visualize your biological health so you can easily make improvements through diet and lifestyle tweaks.


WellnessFX blood draws do not require a doctor's appointment or referral. Lab appointments are made on your time to fit your busy schedule.

Private + Secure

We adhere to strict HIPAA compliance standards so your health data is private and safe in our secure online dashboard.

Common Questions

But I can get these tests through my doctor for free!

WellnessFX offers advanced diagnostic tests, like performance hormones, advanced thyroid, and women's health biomarkers that you may have a hard time ordering through your doctor. And because of our bulk discount, these advanced tests are generally also less expensive than ordering through your doctor – even if you have insurance!

I'm not satisfied with the current healthcare system. How is WellnessFX different?

WellnessFX exists because we think the healthcare experience can be so much better. Instead of focusing on "sick care", we focus on managing and optimizing health before illness hits. We also offer a unique model where you have unrestricted access to your data – it's yours after all! And that means you can share it with whomever you like - your doctor, your nutritionist, or your trainer.

I have a family history of certain diseases. How can WellnessFX help?

Retesting regularly is easy when you don't need a doctor's appointment or referral. Keep tabs on your biomarkers and schedule one-on-one consultations with a WellnessFX physician to ask any pressing questions. WellnessFX can also help you manage your biomarkers if you've already been diagnosed with a chronic illness or are undergoing treatment.

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