Employee Biometrics. Redefined.

WellnessFX is a digital health platform that provides employees with direct access to biometric screenings in conjunction with expert nutritional, lifestyle and medical consultations. At its core, the product is designed to engage and motivate members through rich and personalized visualizations. We've packaged WellnessFX for the benefit of employee wellness offerings, allowing employers to improve the health, well-being and productivity of their workforce in a personalized and sustainable way.

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Summary of Employer Benefits

  • A Health Benefit Disguised as a Healthy Perk = No Incentives
  • Delightful, Low Friction Experience for Employees
  • Seamless Support for both Onsite & Remote Employees
  • Increased Wellness = Increased Productivity = Reduced Cost

Identify High-Risk Employee Populations

By looking at a broad range of predictive biomarkers, WellnessFX helps employers find high risk employee populations years before they develop symptoms of chronic disease.

See sample employer dashboard
The employees in the red zone represent the group that, left untreated, are likely to drive 80% of your future healthcare costs.

The Information & Expertise Your Employees Need to Get Healthier

WellnessFX Health Dashboard

Your employees will each have access to their own personal health dashboard, a secure web-based platform that provides them with rich, understandable visualizations of their health data.

Track Improvements

70% of data needed for accurate health diagnosis and management is in your blood. Good news: blood cells regenerate every 120 days, so employees can quickly measure significant improvement made through lifestyle and nutritional changes.

Reduce Absenteeism


Flexible Scheduling & No Office Visit Required

Your employees will be able to schedule their health consultation at a time that is convenient for them without the time and hassle of visiting an office. All that is required is a telephone and an internet connection so employees can have their consultations from their home or office.


Expert Consultations

Our network of health practitioners ranges from board certified cardiologists to sports nutritionists, so your employees can choose the expert that is right for them. During the phone consultation, the health practitioner will review the employees' lab results, answer questions and offer personalized recommendations for improving his or her health.

It's very convenient and the time it saves versus making a doctor's appointment and having to leave work to get the same results is invaluable.

How It Works


Convenient Blood Draw

We arrange onsite blood draws at your office using our network of mobile phlebotomists. Your employees can also visit one of our convenient local partner labs.


Review Lab Results

Within a few days, lab results will be uploaded into the employees' private health dashboards. Intuitive charts display their data and detailed explanations of each biomarker give them a clear understanding of their health.


Schedule a consultation

After reviewing their lab results, employees will schedule their phone consultation with a healthcare practitioner of their choice to answer questions and receive personalized recommendations to improve their health.

Track Improvements

Their practitioner will recommend how often to get retested so they can track their progress and improvements. Their health dashboard makes it easy to view changes in their diagnostics that occur between lab tests.

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