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Janelle Deeds, CCN

My practice as a nutritionist involves an assessment of the body from a functional perspective, whether you are looking to improve your wellness profile or have a diagnosed health concern. My practice includes an in-depth review of the endocrine system and its relationship to digestion, immune health, and detoxification.


Nicholas J. Abram, MD

I am a board certified medical doctor with a personal interest in health and wellness, based in Los Angeles, Calif. I have diverse medical interests including sports, nutrition, and functional medicine. My primary interest is in reducing fatigue, improving energy, and enhancing performance in all areas of life.


Sarah Brett, RD, LD

I am a registered dietitian with more than 18 years of professional experience providing individual nutrition therapy, specializing in sports nutrition and women's health. I have a special interest in functional medicine, whole foods, dietary supplements, and natural treatment methods.


Jeffrey Edman, MD

As a physician, scientist and teacher, I communicate and provide proven alternative approaches to the prevention and treatment of disease. It is my job to act as a guide and a translator on your journey to wellness. I specialize in the evaluation and treatment of fatigue, thyroid, adrenal, allergic and weight issues.


Yasmin Nibbe, MD

I'm a dual board-certified physician trained in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics. I practice traditional western medicine, peppered with a healthy amount of alternative therapies including homeopathy, herbal remedies, and ayurveda.