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After you review your lab results, choose from our list of licensed health practitioners for an in-depth interpretation of your biomarkers. Talk to a nutritionist, registered dietitian or physician to get recommendations based on your unique biomarkers. From women's health to endurance training to weight loss, our practitioners will help you identify potential health risks or areas of improvement.


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How Our Consultations Work

Consultations can be purchased as part of select bundled packages or on their own. If you're not sure if you want one, you can always wait until you get your results to decide.
Availability varies by location.


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Why Should You Get a WellnessFX Consultation?

Members who had consultations were 50% more likely to meet their health goals
Compared to members without consultations, based on members surveyed in 2013

Your Data, Analyzed

We know that navigating your lab results can be confusing, so our practitioners take the time to interpret them for you. When our practitioners analyze your lab results, they review your current lifestyle habits and family history to determine a preventative plan that's right for you.

Prepared, Personal, and Professional

Skip the drive to the doctor's office - you can speak to a licensed professional of your choice over the phone! You choose the date and time and our practitioners come prepared and ready to discuss your results.

Your Questions, Answered

Get your personal health questions answered by a WellnessFX practitioner for explanations that are unique to your situation.

Recommendations That Work

We know it can be hard to make changes, so our practitioners work with you to create realistic recommendations that fit your lifestyle.

Personalizing Your Consult

You are unique, with different needs, goals, and time restrictions. That's why WellnessFX offers ways for you to personalize your practitioner consultations, from appointment lengths to choosing the practitioner that specializes in your areas of interest.


Practitioner Types

We offer a wide range of licensed health practitioners who have been individually screened to meet our high standards. Choose from a list of nutritionists, registered dieticians, naturopathic doctors (ND), doctors of osteopathy (DO), and medical doctors (MD), all ranging in specialties.


Consultation Length

Telehealth consultations come in 20, 30, 40, and 50-minute increments. You choose your consultation length based on the number of diagnostics you have to review and how many questions you have.



From optimizing endurance to managing chronic disease to women's health, all of our practitioners take a holistic, non-invasive approach to wellness.

What Our Members are Saying

The consultation completely made the difference. [It] put the right spin on the information to make it clear what was going on and how I needed to change my diet. So so so helpful.
Scott J.

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